4 Types Of Men’s Innerwear To Have In Your Collection

Who doesn’t love wearing new underwear? Well-fitting, comfortable underwear adds to your confidence in pulling off any outfit! A new set of underwear with a new fabric that perfectly fits your skin and doesn’t have a loose waistband can set you off to a great day! Brands like Jack & Jones are experimenting with various styles, types and fabrics to curate some of the most trendy and comfortable underwear for men!

Innerwear has gone beyond being a basic necessity; it is now a symbol of intimacy, security, and comfort. It has evolved to become a part of one’s personality and intimate style! There are many different types of men’s loungewear, and choosing the best style can be quite tough. Nobody loves wearing the wrong pants on the right day, so why would they like to fit themself into underwear that is out of shape and itchy?

Here’s a list to get you started on the options available!


Boxers for men are the classic underwear style that has been popular for ages. They are called boxers because they look similar to the shorts worn by boxers. They are usually made of pure cotton and have a loose fit that ensures air circulation. It’s best to wear boxers under loosely fitted trousers or pants, and anything too tight would make the fabric bunch up.


Men’s briefs are made from stretchable fabric like cotton or modal with a touch of elastane to enhance definition and add extra comfort. The cut and style of the briefs need to be considered when making a purchase, as the leg hole is designed so that it curls up to the thigh and doesn’t leave a bunch of fabric when wearing tight fitted pants. They are a great option for heavier thighs.


Men’s trunks have a lot to offer. Think of trunks as the boxers’ cousin! They are more comfortable and better designed to keep everything in place. Trunks have a shorter leg length, so the fabric sticks to the body, and there’s no excess fabric sticking out, causing discomfort. 


Not just known for wearing under your shirts, men’s vests have come a long way from that. One can now wear them indoors as well as outdoors. Men’s vests have gone from being exclusively innerwear to a style statement on their own! They are the perfect loungewear for men who want to flex their muscles at the gym or want to feel the cool breeze during summers. They are mostly made of cotton and available in many prints and styles. You can pick solid colours to wear undershirts or go for bold colours and prints if you wish to flaunt them solo!

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