9 Ornaments of Maharashtrian Bridal Jewellery That Adorns A Bride

The Marathi bridal look is all about elegance. The bride is draped in a nauvari or paithani silk saree, decked withseveral ornaments to go with it. Maharashtrian bridal jewellery endows a rich, royal and exquisite guise to the bride.

In a Marathi bridal look, the saree and makeup take a backseat, while the jewellery leads the game. The look is a perfect blend of tradition, culture and history. The bride is all decked up in regal ornaments and is ready to stand out on her special day.

List of 9 pieces that constitute Maharashtrian bridal jewellery

Apart from necklaces and earrings, Maharashtrians have some of their unique jewellery pieces for a bride.

  1. Mundavlya:

This piece makes a Maharashtrian bridal look stand apart from all other traditional brides. Another interesting fact about it is that both the bride and the groom wear it. A mundavlya is worn on forehead, and tied behind the head. The piece consists of a string and pearls in both ends. It beautifully outlines the faces of bride and groom.

  • Maharashtrian chura:

These are the bangles worn generously on both hands. Usually, the bangles stand out as a contrast to the bride’s saree. A combination of green and gold colour bangles, these are worn in odd numbers. These gold bangles are better known as Pichodi bangles. These bangles are supposed to bless the bride with fertility.

  • Bugadi:

A bridal look is supposed to be lavish and over the top. Hence, just earrings arenot enough. Bugadi is an earpiece worn in upper part of earlobes. Usually, it has pearls or stones along with gold.

  • Nath:

It is a nose-piece, made of diamonds/ruby/pearls or any other precious stone. It stands for wealth and prosperity. Nath, too has variations as one goes from one region of Maharashtra to another.

  • Lakshmi Haar:

This neckpiece is a longjewellery piece studded with pearls and colourful stones. It is also known as coin necklace or temple necklace. The beads come with a beautiful pendant engraved with an image of Lord Lakshmi or Ganesha. These imagessymbolise wealth and prosperity.

  • BakuliHaar:

This neckpiece is a combination of 2 or 3strings of gold. ‘Bakuli’ is a flower. It enhances the entire look just like flowers blossom to make naturelook more aesthetic.

  • PutliHaar:

Just like its name suggests, the neckpiece bears a chain of ‘putli’ or idol images of Lord Lakhsmi and Ganesha. These images are engraved in little coins weaved into a long chain.

  • Moti Haar:

It is a traditional form of choker and bears pearls and precious stones. Moti haar is also called ‘Tikada’. UnlikeLakhsmihaar, BakuliHaar or Putlihaar, Moti haar is a shorter neckpiece.

  • KohlapuriSaaj:

It is the Maharashtrian version of a mangalsutra and is the symbol of a bride’s marital status. Its name comes from the city of Kohlapur in Maharashtra. The neckpiece comprises of 21 pendants, each symbolising a holy aspect. 10 out these symbolises the 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu. Another 8 represent ashtamangala or the 8 auspicious signs.

These are some of the popular ornaments of Maharashtrian bridal jewellery. They work as a team to make the bride shine on her special day.