A Beginner’s Guide To Styling Crop Tops In 6 Different Ways

Crop tops were a trend in the 90s and revolutionized the fashion world. However, in the 2000s, for some reason, the trend went back in the hood. But we are glad that crop tops are back in the fashion world. A great thing about crop tops is that they go perfectly well with all body types. 

Moreover, there are probably thousands of ways you can style them. If you are unsure how you can style your trendy crop tops online or look for new ways to style them, this blog is ideal. Here we are sharing some of the trendiest ways to style your crop tops –

Crop Tops With High Waisted Pants 

This is a uber-chic look that will be great for your casual day out. You can also make this work for a semi-formal event. Considering that the hem of your crop top is short, you can add height to your waist by wearing high-waisted jeans while leaving a glimpse of your skin on the show.

Crop Top With Long Skirts 

This is a look that will go great with festive occasions or semi-formal events. Wear a snugged-fitted crop top and pair it with the voluminous long skirt. The volume and the vivid colour of the skirt will create a gorgeous and stylish look. Complete the entire look with the right accessories and sandals. 

Loose Crop Top With Short Skirts

Crop tops do not always need to be skin tight; if you are comfortable wearing loose tops, then go for it. This is especially great for people who want to wear a crop top but shy to wear snug-fitted tops. You can pair a loose crop top with a skirt of your choice. You can either choose a slightly flowy skirt or snuggle fit skirt as per your preference.

Crop Tops With Jeans 

This is a classic style that will never go out of style. This is generally the first style that people try with crop tops. Whether high-waisted, flares, bootcut, or mommy pants, crop tops work perfectly well with all kinds of jeans.

Crop Tops With Shorts 

This is another look that is very popular during the summers. For this, you can use any crop tops, snuggly fit, loose crop tops, or off-shoulder. Additionally, you can choose any shorts as well, including denim shorts or cotton shorts. These can be great for your summer day out and night parties. 

Crop Tops With Palazzo 

This is a look that can work well for both casual and festive occasions. For casual occasions, pair a well-fitted crop top with a solid palazzo. Keep the colours subtle and add minimal accessories. On the other hand, for a festive look, either keep the crop top or palazzo a bit bold with designed works. Complete the overall look with minimal accessories, and you are all set to make a style statement.

Final Thoughts

There are endless ways through which you can pair your crop tops. And, above are some of the stylish ways to make the best use of crop tops.