A Guide for Men on Wearing Sneakers in Style

When it comes to styling the outfit, men aren’t as picky as women. But, that doesn’t mean that men should never consider styling their outfits. In fact, just staying a little vigilant when picking pieces and shoes can do a lot more than one imagines in terms of pairing the entire look.

In this article, you will take an in-depth understanding of how to pair sneakers with any and every pair of outfits you own to look like a pro. 

1- Follow the dress code

Keep in mind the shoes you choose can either make your outfit or break it. And since sneakers are typically considered informal wear, there is a time and place to flaunt them. 

You can pair your sneaker with a suit, but the incorrect place and time are what you must consider, such as meetings or formal events. 

You can always create a business casual look to keep things comfortable for weekdays. You can even opt for colors that blend perfectly with formal wear to avoid standing out.

2- Keep your sneakers clean

When picking the color of your sneakers, make sure to consider the occasion and location. Sneakers tend to get stained sooner, and sometimes the stains can be permanent. Plus, improper cleaning methods can result in harming the material. 

Also, the sole of the shoes tends to become dirtier. If you wish to keep it low when it comes to maintenance, then it is best to pair that with a sole matching the actual color of the shoe instead of wearing white. 

3- Understand what you must wear with your sneakers

Since sneakers are considered casual, they tend to look best when paired with casuals, too. 


  • Denim and sneakers are a match made in heaven. So, you will never go wrong by pairing them together. 
  • Add a solid-colored V-neck sweater or t-shirt to complete the outfit. 
  • For layering, you can always go with a lightweight jacket.
  • Don’t forget to contrast the sneakers and the jeans. 
  • Understand what color would go well. For instance, white sneakers suit well with classic blue denim.


  • Shorts go nicely with sneakers and even maintain a casual style.
  • Go for low-tops and perhaps no-show socks.
  • When it comes to hues, there are endless possibilities. Go for chinos or khakis or denim, as you like. 

Final thoughts

Hundreds of trends will come and go, but sneaker trends will last forever. So, no matter how many pairs of sneakers you own now, there is nothing wrong with adding a few more to the collection. 

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