All You Need to Know About Eyeliner Embroidery

Because permanent makeup is becoming increasingly popular, you’ve definitely heard of eyeliner embroidery. Likewise, you’ve probably heard of eyeliner tattoos or permanent eyeliner.

Things might become perplexing with all of those names. Getting a procedure that can give you the appearance of wearing perfect eyeliner without having to reapply it for years sounds fantastic! But, when it comes down to it, which of the therapies indicated above should you request?

The key is that they are all the same thing! This is everything you need to know about eyeliner embroidery.

What Exactly Is Eyeliner Embroidery?

Eyeliner embroidery is a procedure that mimics the appearance of applying eyeliner but in a permanent form. It’s more like a tattoo in that the colours are infused into the skin rather than applied. Because permanent eyeliner is essentially cosmetic tattooing, the effects are temporary and will eventually disappear.

It accentuates your eyes and gives you a glammed-up look, but it lasts up to three years. So that’s three years without facing the struggle of one eye looking terrific and the other looking terrible!

How Does It Work?

Eyeliner embroidery is accomplished by incorporating pigments intended for permanent makeup into the skin of your eyelids. To inject colours into the higher dermis layer of the skin, an electric PMU equipment similar to a tattoo machine is employed.

The pigments are continuously degraded by the body and will ultimately become undetectable unless replenished. This is fantastic since it allows you to change the appearance every couple of years or let the results fade away if you no longer desire them.

What Kinds of Eyeliner Embroidery Exist?

Eyeliner embroidery is a very versatile technique. The results can mimic whatever shape and style of eyeliner you’re used to using. It’s completely customisable and done in a way that best complements your characteristics for a really unique look.

Nonetheless, the following designs have emerged as the most popular:

  1. Eyelash Enhancement

This is the most delicate eyeliner tattoo style. It suggests darkening the lash line without going too far outside of it. In reality, pigments are injected right above the lashes. It may have a very thin, delicate wing that extends beyond the lash line.

It helps your lashes appear bigger and may provide the appearance of lashes to individuals who don’t have them due to medical issues or who have extremely light or sparse lashes.

  1. Embroidered Classic Eyeliner

The traditional look calls for a fine line that follows the lashes. It can be performed with or without the wing, but it is rarely too theatrical. Because the line has straight edges, customers with fine lines in the region should avoid it because the skin’s texture makes it appear fuzzy.

  1. Designer Eyeliner

This type of eyeliner embroidery is known by several different names: creative eyeliner, shaded eyeliner, smoky eyeliner… It adds shade to the line drawn over the lashes, whatever you want to name. The smoky effect can be applied in the same colour as the first line or in a slightly different tone that looks like eyeshadow.

The shadow, like the wing, may be as subtle or as prominent as you choose. However, going overboard and having the wings too long is typically not suggested because trends change, and obtaining anything you can’t cover up or conceal with topical makeup is always risky.