Colour importance in Fashion and Interior Design 

Colour is an important factor in fashion design. As fashion design is a form of art and colour is very closely related to different forms of art. Colour is something which attracts people very easily. Colour is an essential aspect of clothing it reveals a lot about the wearer and also reveals the social and economic status of the person. Colours often symbolize various spiritual, and historical events. A fashion design institute in Kolkata, like INIFD Saltlake, provides the best academic and assures 100% placement assistance. The institute trains its students and gives in-depth knowledge about various aspects of fashion design.  

Different colour represent different deep-rooted meanings of various cultures. Cultures of Eastern, Western, Middle Eastern regions have different beliefs and various colours associated with them. There are certain stereotypical thoughts regarding various colours in past days baby pink and light blue colours used to play the role in gender variation. In eastern countries, white is considered to be representing widowhood while the western countries, the bride wears white gowns on their wedding day white is considered to be very auspicious. In western culture, black colour represents mourning. 

Colour of outfits are very vital to choose consciously as colour attracts buyers. As colour easily captures buyer interest, colour is the first thing for which a person thinks of buying an outfit then the design and pattern grab attention. Dresses should never be made with monotonous colours but different colours should be experimented on various outfits. As our skin tones are different and colour and skin tone are closely related to each other.  

Colour is the most important factor of interior design as well. As an interior designer, it is very vital to select the proper colour for a room. As colour always creates an emotional bond or connection. Bright colours create a happy atmosphere while dull colour creates a vibe of sadness. Colours can made an effect on mood very easily. It is said that bright coloured feels cosier than dull coloured rooms. 

Colours can also change the space of a room, colour can create an illusion of big and small spaces in a room. Not only the colour of the walls but also colour of furniture, curtains and other objects matters. The interior designer’s foremost duty is to design a house according to the client’s preference. As everyone wants their house to be a place of relaxation and tries to make it their comfort zone, colour is an important factor in creating a relaxing environment. 

The interior design institute in Kolkata, gives its students knowledge about each aspect of the interior design world. Colour is also a vital factor in interior design. Knowledge of colour wheel is given to every aspirant student of interior design. 

Colour plays an important in both fashion and in the interior design world as colour has the power to attract and distract. Colour can give both a positive and negative vibe and colour also has the power to make an outfit suitable for an occasion. Colour is very important.