Different occasions demand different types of Shoes

Your shoes can be an active participant in portraying your appearance. No matter what kind of dress you wear, if you’re not complementing it with the right pair of shoes, you are always on a missing side. We are sure you want to look complete and perfect wherever you go and whatever you wear. That is why it is important that you select your footwear very carefully whenever you buy them for different occasions. Here are some of the suggestions about how you can complement the perfect shoes for the perfect occasion.

  • Sandals for formal occasions – Sandals, both for men and women, pair up well with your formal attires to give you a perfect look! You appear to be more confident and your feet totally comfortable wearing them. Whether it is your regular trousers and shirts, or you are a lady in the habit of wearing kurta or pants in your office, get the sandals in neutral colors for that perfect formal appearance.
  • Heels and boots for events and parties – For ladies, always keep some pairs of classy and sexy heels in your wardrobe for party wear! And guys, you need those boots to make you look smarter in your blazers! Let us give you a pro tip – wear them in contrasting shade with your attire to kill the look!
  • Ethnic dresses require gorgeous traditional footwear – If you are looking for the perfect footwear for your ethnic wear in a festive collection, then you can always go for mojris and jutis. Lucky for you, these are available in various styles and forms for both males and females. So it doesn’t matter if you are buying a mojri for your kurta pyjama set, or whether it is your salwar kameez that you’re looking to complement with the jutis, you are certainly going to look fabulous.
  • Shoes and mules for dynamic appearance – Male shoes in various styles, such as Oxfords and Borges, are considered to create a classy statement. So, you can wear them to the next client meeting or a dinner party in your tuxedo! And, ladies can create a magnificent appearance in chic dresses or long maxi attires with those sophisticated mules! In both ways, we are in for a complete treat for our eyes! 
  • For sporting activities – Let’s not forget that working out is an essential part of your lifestyle as well. So as you are dressing up perfectly for your casual and formal meetings, you even have to consider your gym and sport look when you buy shoes, considering the various occasions you have to wear your shoes to. Go for those attractive-looking sneakers for your daily commuting and the comfortable sports shoes for your gym. Regardless of your gender, you’ll be spoilt for choices in these options.

In all, these are the shoes that you will require for day-to-day life and various occasions. If you have such types of shoes in your wardrobe, we’re sure you’re not going to feel underdressed on any occasion you attend.