Engagement rings at its best- Moissanite Engagement Rings

Is your engagement coming soon? Are you still not sure what to gift your beloved one? It’s time to make a difference then. Gold rings and diamond rings are no more than crazy in fashion nowadays. The best part of an engagement is to surprise your partner with a band of emotion and surprise that he/she can treasure for the rest of your life. When creativity and innovation are at the picture, Moissanite rings can do wonders for the occasion. Be it your wedding, engagement, or any special event of your life, Moissanite rings can simply be the best options to choose from. However, if it is your engagement, do count high on the best collections of Moissanite engagement rings.  This category of the ring is not yet in the market popularity at a significant level like that of diamonds or platinum. However, Moissanite rings are no less surprising and enticing than the other options. Starting from incredible designs to incomparable stone quality and finishing, you can get all you need when it is moissanite. It is time to go creative and create a memory of your special days, with an extraordinarily beautiful token of love.

Moissanite, as the chemical name suggests, it is a perfect blend of Silicon carbide (SiC), and naturally emerges in minute amounts from different corners of the earth. Moissanite is often called the gemstone from stars to throw a brighter light into its incredible luster and shine. This miner was first discovered in the year 1893 by Henri Moissan, a French scientist. Thus, the name moissanite emerged. Due to this grave rarity of this material, it was against the law to carve out jewelry out of this material in past years. However, with the advancement in technology and science, few knowledgeable people have implemented the laboratory preparation of this incredibly beautiful mineral. Extensive research and analysis of such long years turned out to be a perfect blend of science and art.

Laboratory-made moissanite is genuinely unique and unbeatable. An ideal piece from the vast collection of Moissanite rings can come handy in an estimated price of about $1495.00 in approx. However, the cost can take a long leap, as high as $4395.00. The price tags are justifiable compared to the rarity and exclusivity of the material. Though you can surely get cheaper-priced Moissanite rings, the reliability does not come with a warranty in such scenarios. You can choose to have your precious moissanite surrounded by either white gold or regular gold. You can also have it wrapped around the most excellent platinum that can give you the exact dream engagement ring, but that would cost way more than standard gold coating. You can grab a perfect piece of moissanite ring quickly from different corners of the country. However, the dealer or the supplier must be reliable and trust-worthy. Faking moissanite can be very easy, especially if you are not acquainted much with the stone quality and texture. So if you are interested in stepping out of the line of diamond buyers and making a difference in your engagement or wedding, you can blind-folded choose moissanite to steam up the event.

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Know the difference- Diamond vs. Moissanite Rings

Most of the special occasions and events get wrapped around with high-quality diamonds and platinum. However, there are more options than nature has gifted us with to create something innovative and worth remembering. To opt for a perfect choice, you can count high on moissanite rings. It has been the choice of mineral for many people around the globe. It caters to both creativity and affordability. When brilliance comes into the picture, we have always considered a diamond to have the most significant figure. It is the main reason that diamond reflects a considerable amount of white light and shines so brightly, even in dim light. But it might be shocking for you that there is a competitor for diamonds as well. Yes! You got that right. Moissanite has a more considerable brilliance than diamond and thus, reflects more light, shining even brighter than diamond. Therefore, if the dazzle factor counts more on your list, grab perfect moissanite engagement rings to imbibe your partner in love and surprise.

The best part of moissanite is that it contains a higher amount of silicon and thus is less likely to capture dirt and dust. Clumsiness and cleaning hassle are gets nullified. Regarding the color and texture of moissanite, it is not much different from what you get in a diamond ring. Both are nearly colorless to colorless. Likewise, the color and texture depend on the type of mineral and quality. In terms of hardness, moissanite is a strong competitor of diamonds. The harder a crystal is the lesser chance of getting scratches. Where a diamond has a Mohs scale score of 10, moissanite has a rating of 9.25. This isn’t a bad score compared to all other minerals available in the market.

Are moissanite rings costlier than diamond rings? 

When the price is in the picture, a moissanite ring can cost a fraction of a diamond ring. The primary reason is that the price of a diamond ring highly depends on the cut, shape, clarity, and various other countable features. In contrast to it, the cost of moissanite rings depends only upon the size and type. Where a 1.0-carat GIA0certified diamond ring can cost you around $10,000+, you can spend only $449 for a classic moissanite ring, or $1049 for a colorless moissanite ring. That contrast in the comparing figures is enormous. Thus, a low-cost, reasonable alternative approach to express your love can surely be sparkling moissanite.

If you are in love with white and spark, but somehow stuck with budgetary issues, go straight for moissanite engagement ringsCreativity, art, shine, and budget all remain on the margin when it is moissanite. There are also options for other white stones, like sapphires and diamonds. However, they can cost you quite high. Moissanite rings can be a great choice if you are looking for a cheaper yet incredible alternative.