Evergreen Earring Designs that Can Pair with Anything

You know what they say about universal earrings? They pair well with anything you like to wear. What kind of earring are we talking about? Let us find out.

Types of earrings you can pair with almost anything

Forget the hassles of choosing a pair of earring every morning. It is a real struggle that every lady will understand and feel. Here is how you can minimize your tension to find out the top earring choices for the day.

  1. Rhinestone Studs

Studs are something that can pair well with most of the modern dresses and ethnic wear. There is no doubt that a pair of rhinestone studs can accentuate the features of your ensemble. All you have to concentrate on is to find the right color of a rhinestone that matches well with your dresses. For example, when you are willing to adorn your plunging neckline black dress for a cocktail party, you can pair it with your white shining studs for a classy look. Studs are the most popular among the trending earring designs you will find. The reason for their popularity is now obvious to us.

  1. Fun and Asymmetric

This is where the modern abstract designs will make an entry to your collection. These asymmetric designs are something out of the fashion magazines you will find quite adorable. Simple zigzag lines or any abstract shape in the earring design makes them very attractive. In fact, adding rhinestones in the design will definitely catch the eyes of onlookers. Add these asymmetric pieces of designer earrings to your modern and ethnic dresses. Make sure that the abstract designs do not entangle your hair strands.

  1. Delicacy with Style

Teardrop earrings are the topic of discussion here. Imagine a leafy design in black rhinestone paired with your elegant black suits or party gowns. It will set a theme that will definitely bring compliments to your way. You can also add signature colors like royal blue, dazzling pink, or crystal hues to your collection.

  1. Pearl Studs

Always an evergreen choice, a pair of pearl studs will never get lost in trends for sure. These studs can be paired with any dress you can imagine. The reason for such elegance is that these designs do not have any particular color or style to match with. The universal design can be adorned with almost anything you can think of.

  1. Drop earrings

Simple drop earrings with big rhinestones are also preferred as an elegant choice for modern outfits. These earring designs are something that can be paired with any dress easily as they add sophistication to the attire you want to go with.

  1. Stacked earrings

You will have to go through a little pain for this design. Stacked earrings will need more than one hole in your earlobe but it looks hot and very classy. Stacked earrings are one of the best designs you can go with for a beautiful ensemble.


Choosing an earring design will not be a hassle anymore. Add these elegant designs to your collection and make it easier for you every day.