Few Important things you need to know about Lab made Diamonds

If you think it that way, lab made diamonds are quite similar to that of the test tube babies, where, by using a tiny seed of diamond, a fully grown diamond is produced. In the labs, the same process is imitated which is applied when it comes to the diamonds which are mind from the earth. Lab made diamonds are considered to be special for many reasons. One of them is the fact that they are much eco friendly; as there is no need to disturb the earth’s surface to get these diamonds. Besides, diamond mining has led to innumerable accidents in the past, which has claimed many lives.

In order to find the best alternative to the mined diamonds, and something which would be as good and them; lab made diamonds came into the picture. It also needs to be mentioned in this regard that lab made diamonds are much cheaper compared to the ones which are mined.

Are Lab Made Diamonds Real?

Yes, they are real diamonds. These diamonds have been certified by the authorities from all over the globe as real diamonds, as they possess all the features and characteristics of one. The only difference is the fact that the lab made diamonds are manually manufactured in a lab, under a controlled environment; as opposed to the ones which are mined and extracted from the nature.

Test tube babies are made in the lab; aren’t they real babies? Certainly they are! That’s exactly what lab made diamonds are all about. They are grown from one single seed of diamond, by applying extreme pressure and temperature; imitating the conditions which contribute towards the formation of the natural diamonds. Besides, the fact that they are being certified by the authorized labs from all over the world, establishes the fact that the lab made diamonds are real ones.

Why are Lab Made Diamonds Cheaper?

One of the main reasons as to why the lab made diamonds are cheaper than the ones extracted from the nature is because of the difference in cost of production. When it comes to the mined diamonds; it takes an enormous amount of human effort, involving different types of machineries and equipment to extract these precious stones from underneath the earth. The fact that so much of cost goes into extracting these diamonds and then processing them, adds to their end price.

On the other hand, when it comes to the lab made diamond, the process of making them is much simpler and as far as the cost is concerned; it is much lower. This ensure that the lab made diamonds are much cheaper. However, by no means, they are inferior in terms of quality compared to the mined diamonds.

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