Guide to Choosing Lipstick Shades According That Suits Your Skin Tone

Anyone who thinks choosing lipstick is easy has never browsed through the lip colour section of sugar products or visited a makeup store. With so many finishes, consistencies, and undertones, getting that perfect lipstick becomes more of a mission than a fun shopping experience. And, this holds true regardless of what your skin tone is.

However, choosing the right lipstick shades according to your skin tone can be pretty easy once you keep a few guidelines in your mind. So, let’s get right to it!

Determine the undertones of your skin

You can either have a cool or warm undertone and choosing the right shade largely depends on it. The easiest way to tell this is by looking at the colour of your veins in the wrist: blue for cool-toned and green for warm-toned.

If you have cool undertones, go for lipsticks with purple or blue undertones, like Plum Alive from sugar. You should avoid orangey shades and try bluish reds. Go for lips colours that are really red or orangey, if you’ve warm undertones. Mia Sangria or Brazen Raisin from sugar are good ideas.

Choosing the shades according to your complexion

The next thing that will help you pick the right shade of sugar lipstick is your complexion. It is basically a combination of your complexion and undertones that help in choosing the lip colour.

So, if you have light or fair skin, go for beige, nudes, peach, or light pink. With a cool undertone, a soft mocha shade will look good on you. Choose a nude or pale pink shade, if you have warm undertones.

For the medium complexion, berry, mauve, and rose shades look absolutely gorgeous. Try something like sugar Plush Pink, if you have cool undertones, and Rose Repose, if you have warm undertones.

Finally, for the deeper skin complexions, opt for wine and ruby shades from sugar for the cool undertones, and bronze, brown, or copper shades for the warm undertones.

Finding the right nude lipstick

Finding your perfect nude lipstick shade is more difficult than figuring out which red you want to go for. Nude lipsticks can either beautify the natural colour of your lips or make it look like you’re ill: there’s no in-between.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that nude means skin colour or finding a shade that matches your actual lip colour. The idea is to get a shade that emphasizes your lip colour and looks natural on you. Get a shade that either matches or looks a shade darker compared to the inner lip. Lip gloss and tinted balms add a dash of colour to the lips. If your nude lipstick looks too pale, add a bit of gloss to enhance it.

Final words

The lipstick shade that looks great on you is the one that you can carry off with confidence. There is no harm in being a lipstick junkie for that matter. It is okay to use any lip shade under the sun as long as you love it and believe you can pull it off. The tips given above are only guidelines to help you out, and not strict rules that you just can’t break.