How to Choose Nightwear for Comfortable Sleep?

Sleep is when your mind, body and soul rejuvenates. Besides a healthy lifestyle, eating an early dinner, it is also very important that you get your sleepwear right. The last thing you want is an uncomfortable nightgown or nightwear. If you wake up feeling hot or because your nightwear’s fabric pulls and tugs at you while you try to snooze, it’s time to change out your nighttime wardrobe. Here is what to look for when shopping for nighties.

Cotton is best

Nighties are available in cotton, satin, silk and polyester blends. Sleep.org says cotton is best. Cotton is light, airy and capable of keeping you cool during the summers. But, come winter, they do the opposite and try to retain as much heat as possible to help you stay warm. You will still of course need your blankets to do the heavy lifting but the point we are trying to make is that cotton is just great for all-year-round nightwear.

When shopping for cotton nighties, remember that there are many blends when it comes to cotton. 100% jersey cotton works best. Cotton nighties with a polyester blend are slightly more stretchy than cotton and also fare better in dryers. Pure cotton needs a little more care although they are also very durable.

Length that suits you

Nighties come in various lengths. From very short slips that end just below your underpants to ankle length nighties, you can buy them the way you want. Everyone has a certain preference when it comes to what works best for them. If you are the kind of person who feels cold at night, long length nighties that fall up to your ankles will be a good choice. However, if you run hot, a slip might be more suited for you. If you often feel cold, full length PJs might be a better choice than a nighty one as they won’t ride up as you shift and turn in your sleep.

Get your sleeves right

Some like short sleeves. Some hate the feeling of sleeves and prefer to go sleeveless. And then there are others who like their nighty to cuff them all the way down to their wrists. Just like length choices, there are nighties with many sleeve choices. Get yourself exactly what you need. Long sleeve nighties are very popular during the winter months.

Winter Nighties

It will make good sense to buy nighties for the summer and for the winter separately. Winter nighties are made out of fleece, satin or special materials like brushed cotton. Brushed cotton traps in heat better than regular cotton. If no nighties cut it for you, you can wear thermals under your nighties. In such cases, cotton nighties are a safe bet as you don’t want a nighty making things too stuffy for you over your thermals.

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