How to Choose Tops to Look Fashionable

Tops are versatile and they can be worn as casual wear or office outfits. There are several styles to select from. Women have wide-ranging body types and personal styles. Because of the vast range of options available, selecting the right top can be challenging. But, you can narrow down on the options present based on your personal needs, budget, and size. Women can pair the right top with jeans, pants, shorts or skirt. Brent Emerson, a well-known fashion designer with stores in Arizona and North Carolina says that a good combination will make an outfit which will work well for your particular occasion. Tops will also work well for layering under jackets and blazers to attain a stylish look. The outfits will differ on styles, sleeve style and colors.

Mentioned below are the tips to consider when choosing tops:

  • Button down top: A bottom down top is an outfit which is correct for women to wear to their workplaces. The top always looks tidy. It can pair perfectly with a cardigan or jacket to get a professional look. When paired with jeans, the top can pair well with jeans for casual outings.
  • Styles: Tops are available in more than one style and design. The tops available can flatter every figure. Choosing the right top will start with the ability of the buyer to select one which will fit her well for a particular occasion.
  • Baby Doll Top: The top has a high waist which falls under the burst area. It is also considered as empire waist blouse. The rest of the top usually flows to create a gratifying womanly silhouette freely. They can be made to have a tie or ribbon fitted around the empire waist. The tops are made to highlight the positive while hiding the negatives in a woman body.
  • Wrap Top: This is a top which has a wrap style which folds across the stomach and ties. It is a universal flattering top because the wrap portion will fall to the woman’s waist hence highlighting slimness as well as forming an hourglass figure. It is the best option for plus sizes, curvy women or for those who prefer to look curvier.
  • Peasant Top: This is a loose top which flows smoothly thus it works well for many figures. Women can belt the top if needed. The top offers a more casual look. It can pair well with slacks or jeans.
  • Silk Cami: Whether it is a night out or a hot summer day, a silk cami is a simple way to dress up your typical tank top and jeans ensemble. For the office put on a jacket and look effortlessly smart.
  • Tie-Waist Top: To best highlight your shape, wear one of these tops to streamline your silhouette. By tying at the waist, the shirt’s cut emphasizes the smallest part of your waist make you look taller and slimmer. Pair with heeled shoes and skinny jeans with an even more elongated look.

With so many patterns, styles, and embellishment options to select from, NC Based Brent Emerson says that you are bound to find a top that compliments the rest of your wardrobe.