Improve Beard Growth by Making These Dietary Changes

Despite all the hype commercials and ads out there, there is no such thing as a magic pill, supplement, cream, or soap that will help beard hair grow if there are no follicles present. However, some steps can be taken to help a beard grow faster and fuller.

One tip is to use the right beard products, such as the quality options offered by Boss man. Another tip is to eat the right foods and avoid the wrong ones. Keep reading to learn about a diets role in beard growth and how to eat for a healthier, thicker beard.

The Role of the Diet in Beard Growth

Regardless of the density of a man’s beard, what they eat will impact how much hair they grow and how thick it becomes. The goal of a manly beard-growing diet is to increase testosterone levels and reduce estrogen levels (however some estrogen is needed), to get the pores to open up, and to encourage ongoing growth. While this may sound complicated, there are a few tips that will help.

Drink Plenty of Water

Most people don’t drink enough water during the day. What they may not realize is that water consumption affects hormone levels, the body’s ability to detox, and oil production in the skin. If toxins are not being processed through the kidneys, the skin will begin to push that oil out through the pores. If this happens, it is creating an acidic base for beard hair. This isn’t good and may halt the growth of a beard altogether. The bottom line is you must drink more water.

Reduce Salt Intake

While this one may be a little surprising, it is essential. Most Americans consume way too much salt. Unfortunately, as more salt is consumed, it begins to be excreted through the pores. This results in the creation of crystalline structures near the follicles, which is going to kill or damage the beard hairs in place.

Reduce Omega 6 and Increase Omega 3

While fats are beneficial, not all fats are created equal. Foods full of Omega 6 fats can increase estrogen levels in men, which reduces testosterone levels. Most people know that testosterone is an essential hormone when it comes to growing a beard. Reduce the intake of things like vegetables and chicken oils and increase the consumption of things like salmon and oysters for optimal beard growth.

Increase Vitamin D

Even though vitamin D may not seem like a diet issue, the lack of direct sunlight makes it necessary for most men to take a vitamin D3 supplement to get sufficient levels. Vitamin D is essential for the creation of hormones. Just take a drop or a few drops of a sublingual D3 supplement will help make a huge difference in how a man feels and promote the growth of a healthy, full beard.

Growing a Beard 101

When it comes to growing a beard, there are several things to keep in mind. Be sure to review the information here and figure out what can be done to improve beard health and get the full, healthy beard desired.