Look For the Massage Store Options You Need

This shows that your customers’ perception of the massage you choose to learn will not depend so much on its original name or protocol as on how you present it to them. By reading this paragraph, you will be tempted to believe that only oil massages are profitable, but, even if they are in high demand, this is not the case.

Each type of massage has its audience and the profitability of your service will depend more on how you offer your massage than on your massage itself. (I’m obviously talking about the type of massage, not the quality).

  • And there you say to yourself, “You’re nice Nicolas, but that doesn’t help me much in my choice there”.
  • We are getting there, calm down.

One of the aims of the article is also to rid your mind of a maximum of erroneous beliefs in order to choose, without external influences, the massage that will suit you.

What is the easiest massage to sell?

If we look at all the massages offered and sold, it becomes clear that table massage with oils easily climbs onto the first step of the podium. Go for the best massage store in 대구 스웨디시 and find the best choices there.

Yes because it’s not that simple, you think.

It is certain that when we look at the facts as a whole, this category of massage appears to be the easiest to market:

  • 90% of the images linked to massages are massage with oils on the table
  • 90% of people you know who have had massages have received this type of massage
  • You yourself who read these few lines have received a majority, if not only, of oil massage on the table

However, it is also the category that experiences the strongest competition on the market. New masseurs and new wellness masseuses are added every day to the list of professionals offering them, cutting a little more the market share of others.

The other categories of massage, on the floor or on a chair, allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and bring freshness to a clientele offer which, depending on the geographic sector, can be quite redundant.

We are not saying that the table massage oil massage market is saturated, or that going into floor massage is a guarantee of success. The wellness sector, and in particular massage, is booming and everyone can find their place. But again, it is how you sell that will make the difference. Depending on your personality, your preference, your geographic area, ground massage could possibly be an asset.

What is the most tiring massage to do?

  • If there is one element on which we can differentiate the massages (from the point of view of the one who does them), it is the energy necessary to execute them.
  • Massage is a very fulfilling activity, certainly, but which can be as exhausting depending on the massage you choose to practice.

Indeed, between a Thai foot reflexology of 50mn that you will practice sitting (e) quietly on a stool and a Thai massage of 1H30 carried out on the ground, your feeling will not be the same. Thus, your physical condition can be a first indication to guide you in your choice.