Significance of Holy Jewelry – Mangalsutra

Jewelry is always considered a fashion statement but certain jewelry items are regarded as holy and have a certain significance. One of these jewelry items is Mangal Sutar!

Mangal Sutra is mandatory jewelry worn by married Hindu women as a symbol that defines their holy bond with their husbands. It has a unique design and pattern which distinguishes it from all the other jewelry items. Want to know more about this? Keep reading!

What is Mangalsutra?

The word Mangalsutra comes with the combination of two words- Mangal and Sutar. Mangal means auspicious and sutra means thread, together it is known as the auspicious thread which unites the bond between a husband and a wife. 

The groom ties this thread on the wedding day around the bride’s neck to signify their everlasting bond. It is one of the traditions during the Pheras. Its design is unique, consisting of black beads and a pendant in the center. There are various designs available in the market to choose from but first, let’s know about their significance.

What is the Significance of Mangal Sutra in a Marriage?

A marriage is a sacred bond between a woman and a man and the Mangal sutra is the symbol of this pure bond. The black beads of this necklace keep the evil powers away from the husband, wife and their relationship. These beads protect them both from the bad omens which leads to a happy married life. 

Earlier there was a tradition to make mangal sutra by taking seven threads from the wedding dress of the bride and interwove them to make a strong and holy thread. Then black beads were sewed into this thread to make a necklace. But now this tradition is limited to only some parts of India and most of the brides go for the latest and trendy designs of Mangalsutras. 

Buy Designer Mangalsutra Online

There are huge options when it comes to choosing a Mangal Sutar. You can easily buy Mangalsutra online from any part of the world. Below mentioned are some of the latest designs which could help you to choose a perfect one.

Single-chain crystal Mangal Sutra

This consists of a single chain of bolden and black beads and is attached to a pendant at the center. This design is simple and can be easily worn every day.  You can also get the option for the length of the chain, long or small according to your preference.

Double-chain Mangal Sutra

This is a traditional design consisting of double chains of black beads. This gives the mangal sutra a fuller look. These chains are then attached to a bigger pendant to give it some extra glam. You can wear it every day or on some special occasions.

American Diamond MangalSutra

One of the hot-selling jewelry items is the American diamond Mangal Sutra. You can get it in both single chain or double chain but the charm is loaded in the pendant. The silver shine from the diamonds contrasts with the black beads and looks phenomenal. This is a must-have if you love to collect Mangal Sutar.

Mangal Sutar with Polki Stones

Another beautiful option is the Mangal Sutra with Polki stones. Polki jewelry always defines royalty and elegance and you get the same in the form of holy Mangasutra. You can even go for the matching polki earrings to make it a complete set.

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