Thoughtful gifts your girlfriend will be grateful for

Whether you’re celebrating your girlfriend’s birthday or you just want to buy her a gift to show her how much you love her, there are so many options to consider. Sure, you could keep it traditional with a bunch of roses, a teddy bear or some chocolates, but those are the generic good-boyfriend presents. Thinking outside of the box and choosing something thoughtful will be the key to success, which is why we’ve put together our firm favorites to help you out…

Homemade pamper pack


If your girlfriend loves nothing more than relaxing in the bath with a moisturizing face pack at the end of a busy working day, why not throw in some of her fave products in a hamper? Making it yourself not only allows you to customize it with things you know she’ll love, but it demonstrates that you’re thoughtful and caring; time is so much more important than money.

Personalized print


Next up, a personalized print. Whether you commission a local artist to paint the two of you, or you opt for a more contemporary text-based canvas from a site like Etsy, personalization is the key to a happy girlfriend. You’re putting your love and commitment on paper and on the wall; your name and your girlfriend’s name displayed proudly together in the living room!

Traditional jewelry


If you know that your girlfriend loves jewelry, then why not treat her to something a little less ordinary? Instead of heading to the mall to buy a new piece from Pandora, look for something with real meaning, like some Celtic cross jewelry if she is of Irish heritage. It pays to shop around and look for jewelry that tells a story and can be worn with pride every day.

Massage experience


Now this one will benefit you just as much as your girlfriend. If you’re both stressed with work and need a break, consider treating your loved one to a massage or spa experience, where you can unwind and loosen those knots. Not only are couples’ treatments super-romantic, but they allow you to spend some quality time together away from your smartphone screens.

A weekend away


A weekend away with your partner is about as romantic as it gets. Do some digging on the internet and look for an Airbnb in the next city, or consider jetting off on an adventure on the other side of the world. There are so many incredible places where you can rediscover your senses and let your hair down, whether it’s a European city break to Dublin or Amsterdam or something more traditional like a night away in Las Vegas watching Lady Gaga perform live.

With so many options to consider when buying a new gift for your girlfriend, it can be tough to know where to begin. The ideas we’ve offered in this article should give you some food for thought and ensure you pick the right present for her, every time. We wish you good luck!