Types Of Therapeutic Massages and Its Benefits

Massage is the practice of rubbing and kneading the body with hands. Massages help your body and mind to relax by focusing on different parts of the body or any healing approaches. Massage therapists are professionals who are trained to give massages. 

Here are different types of therapeutic massages and their benefits:

  • Relaxing Swedish Massage- This is a very gentle, full-body massage and is recommended to people who are new to massages, sensitive to touch, and have a lot of stress. Swedish massage helps you relax your body, stay calm, and also help release muscle knots. While you lay on the massage table covered, your massage therapist massages using- kneading, tapping and vibration, deep circular motions, etc. these combinations helps relax your body during a Swedish massage.
  • Relaxing Aromatic Massage- Usually people think massage helps in relaxing your body, but some like Aromatherapy help relax your mind and have emotional healing. Aromatherapy involves soft and gentle pressure on your body using essential oils. While at the same time you will be inhaling and absorbing the same oil through a diffuser into the skin. This massage also helps in boosting your mood, reducing symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety, and relieves muscle tension.
  • Hot Stone Massage- This massage is similar to Swedish massage, which helps with muscle pains and tensions by using heated stones. During this therapeutic massage, heated stones are kept on different parts of your body and then the therapist gently starts massaging using one stone at a time. A hot stone massage also improves blood flow, alleviate pain, and relieves tension.
  • Deep tissue Massage- Unlike Swedish massage, deep tissue massage uses more pressure. Hence it is a good option when you have chronic muscle problems like soreness, injuries, or imbalance. It helps in relieving tight muscles and anxiety as well. The therapist uses slow strokes and deep finger pressure to massage and relieve tension from the deepest muscle layers and connective tissues.
  •  Reflexology Massage- This massage is for people who aren’t comfortable being touched as it’s not a whole-body massage. Reflexology massage is for people who want to relax and restore their body’s natural energy. In this massage, the therapist uses gentle to firm pressure points of your feet, hands, and ears.

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