Unique and artistic wholesale handmade jewelry

Jewelry is necessary for a person who loves ornaments. It makes a big different outlook on a person wearing one special piece. Because of its uniqueness, the handmade jewelry stands out. The handmade jewelry makers use many types of gemstones and metals such as brass, silver, copper, crystal, turquoise, quartz, and coral. Also, contemporary jewelry makers use glass beads, acrylic, fabric, shell, leather, bones, animal horns, and even teeth.  These materials create demand in the fashion market. The handmade jewelry price differs depending on the material, craftsmanship, and brands. Let’s discuss more in detail on the wholesale handmade jewelry.

Features of Handmade Jewelry

The following are the features of handmade jewelry:

No bulk quantity involved in wholesale handmade jewelry:

Handmade jewelry is literally made by the hands of the jewelry maker. No machinery is involved in the production of this type of jewelry. A machine can produce many units per hour but an individual can make only less quantity in the same amount of time.

The maker’s thoughts into the design:

The maker’s thoughts are designed into jewelry. Every curve and line is made with intention. There is no pre-defined template or machine to make the designs.

Value of time:

In the process of handmade jewelry, the ornaments are made up of hand and not in machines. Therefore, it involves a lot of time to make a single piece. Sometimes, it might take a week too.

Raw materials used:

In bulk production, the raw materials used will be mixed with inferior quality materials. But in handmade jewelry, the raw materials are of superior quality materials.


Handmade Jewelry production is always superior in quality and has the ability of control and track the process in making.


Types of Handmade Jewelry

The following are the types of handmade jewelry:

Assembled Jewelry Making

It is also known as handmade assembled jewelry. This type usually involves, creating earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from pre-made charms. The makers can create unique jewelry at an affordable price.

Fabricated Jewelry

The makers use a metal saw to cut the basic shape into the desired design. This type of making requires jewelry bench skills and metalsmithing techniques.

Beaded Jewelry

It is one of the simplest and easiest types of jewelry. The design depends on the beads that are used. To create a necklace or bracelet, makers can use beads on a single strand.

Wire Wrapped Jewelry

This type of jewelry is very easy to make. As the name denotes, it uses lots of wire. It is a decorative frame that is attached with coils of wrapped wire. The makers can use different gauges of wire depending on the design.

Hand Stamped/Engraved Jewelry

This is one of the popular handmade jewelry. The maker can create custom designs for its customers. It is very easy to craft. While engraving a piece of jewelry, the maker must have a sharpened engraving tool to cut the design.

Enameled Jewelry

Adding colors to metal jewelry is known as handmade enameled jewelry. To create a permanent bond on the metal, fusing the glass powder to the surface of the metal.

Wholesale handmade jewelry marketing is more popular in online selling. Because of its uniqueness, there is a demand for these handmade jewels. It is very intimate to the maker’s heart.