Vintage Watch Repair – Mechanical Or Quartz

A watchmaker or a watch repair service proving company could perform multiple tasks with your clock after dismantling your watch with the help of proper machinery and tools. A watch can be cleaned and serviced just like any other piece of machinery, and it doesn’t matter whether it is mechanical or quartz. However, a pure quartz clock does not need much servicing in its lifetime because of its making procedure.

Whatever your watch type is, it might need repairing after a couple of years for different reasons. And whatever the reason is, you can always get your watch repaired to a new-like condition if you know how to deal with it and who to contact.

Getting Your Old Clock Refinished For Good Looks

If your watch has started to look dull or if the watch glass has become blurry already, then it is time to get it refinished. Refinishing a watch can involve a lot of things, including the two already mentioned. Other than that, you can get the strap changed or get your watch polished for a shiny and attractive look.

But remember this, often a refinished vintage clock loses its value as buyers could have some misconceptions about it. So, one may need to reconsider this thought if a vintage watch that they are thinking about selling is an antique piece of equipment.

Inner Pieces Of Machinery And Possible Damages Related To It

Then comes the watch’s gasket, which faces a lot of damage with time and often turns rusty or gooey, which signals that the clock needs an overhaul now. Other than the gasket, a watch could easily undergo several damages in the internal components, including the hands and the watch’s dial.

Any ordinary watch has multiple tiny gears and springs inside it, which are so delicate. After continually rubbing against other wheels and gears for years, they could lose their shape or possibly get deviated from their place. All such things might call for a replacement or at least a service to function effectively again.

Technical Faults Of Any Watch That Watchmakers Can Resolve

A mechanical clock is prone to various technical faults related to the winding dial or the spring. They are much likely to damage if the watch has a manual winding operation. If the winding spring is damaged, only a watchmaker could perform the vintage watch repair with an original spare part.

A quartz watch is no exception as they also have various delicate machinery and could be damaged due to any reason like water entering the gasket or damaged crystal etc. Due to these faults, the watch may begin to corrupt, and its timekeeping might get sabotaged. Hence, balancing the clock components is also essential to maintain.