Wear These Stunning Anarkali Salwar Suits for A Royal Look

Suits for women have been the classic go-to option for a long time in the wardrobe of the Indian female. It gives a sleek feminine look if paired with elegant pieces to provide an ageless look. 

Anarkali Salwar Suits are a sign of royalty. This style was made famous by the Royal Courtesan of the Mughal era. A frock like the floor-length dress looks fantastic, elegant and royal and known as Umbrella Suits. 

Usually, these suits are known for their heavyweight materials. In this article, we will explore these stunning Anarkali suits for women.

The History of Anarkali Suits

The name ‘Anarkali suit’ was derived from Anarkali, a courtesan in the court of Akbar, the Mughal emperor. Her name was carved into India’s history because she was murdered for her relationship with Salim, the Crown Prince of the Mughal Empire.

The meaning of the word Anarkali is- a delicate bud of pomegranate flower. Qualities like flamboyance, grace, and beauty, are signified by the word ‘Anarkali’ which was related to the women who used to wear Anarkalis.

The Fabrics Used for Anarkali Salwar Suits

Generally, the fabrics used to craft this elegant looking outfit are net, cotton, silk, velvet, georgette, crepe and rayon. These anarkalis are fitted with heavy materials, laces and embellishment so it would be best if you considered a durable material that will grasp the heavy work. However, any fabric can be used to create a wavy and frilly effect.

8 Types of Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Suits come in a variety of lengths and embroideries.

  1. Gown style Anarkali Suit
  2. Pakistani Anarkali Suit
  3. Jacket Style Anarkali Suit
  4. Churidar Anarkali Suit
  5. Floor-Length Anarkali Suit
  6. Layered Anarkali Suit
  7. Churidar Anarkali Suit
  8. Palazzo Anarkali Suit

The Features of Anarkali Salwar Suits

  • Anarkali suits give a slim look to your waistline while adding voluminous appearance throughout
  • Usually, V-Neck, Round neck, boat neck and collar necklines are preferred with Anarkali Suits
  • Anarkali suits are a bit bulky with extra-wide flares and layered linings
  • They come with a three-piece set of the Frock-style Kurta, tight fitted Churidar and a dupatta
  • Anarkali suits are best for every body type. Thin women look heavy, whereas heavy ones look curvy

How Should You Style Your Anarkali Salwar Suit?

Below is a list of tips that you can consider for styling your Anarkali Salwar Suits:

  • If you are attending a wedding, reception or any other party, wear Anarkalis made of dark coloured silk fabric.
  • If attending a night party then heavy gold thread work would look best.
  • For day events you can look for sober thread work of pastel colours.
  • Pair your Anarkali with Mughal style accessories and high heels to look gorgeous.

Where Can You Get the Best Anarkali Suits?

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It’s best to do your own research and by exploring the web to understand where you can find the Anarkali which will be best for you.


Anarkalis are one of the oldest traditional attire of India. If paired perfect with other features, they can look gorgeous on you. One of the best parts of this outfit is that it suits every type of body. AMPM is one of the best e-commerce sites for suits and especially Anarkali suits that will look gorgeous on you.