Wear Your Zodiac on Your Wrist with Celestial Opulence Collection by Timex

The sun, the stars, and the moon are not just fascinating planets in the sky above. They have important roles to play in human life. We can differentiate the day from the night when we see the sun shining; we can tell if the sky is clear when stars are bright. These celestial bodies were once the only source for a being to tell time. There was no concept of time in the earlier days and even today, among many tribes the day is still measured by the placements of the moon or the sun in the sky over a period of time. With the invention of watches, evaluation of time has become easier than ever. We simply have to look at our wrists to gauge time. Taking the inspiration from the night sky, the Celestial Opulence Collection by Timex can let you wear the night sky on your wrist.

The celestial bodies also play a central role in astrology. Every person has their own zodiac signs which reflect their personality trait or can function just as a symbol of significance in our life. These zodiac signs which you can see as constellations in the night sky are now being featured in the Timex celestial opulence crystal collection.

Also known as signs of the zodiac, there are in total, 12 astrological signs. The Celestial Opulence collection beautifully shimmers with Swarovski crystals and light up to reveal your zodiac sign. You can now connect with the universe and get these celestial-inspired ladies watches online on

More about the Celestial Opulence Crystal Collection

The watches in the collection are available in four different colors, each with zodiac symbols.  What’s even more special is that as the sun goes down, these zodiac signs start to glow up. The Timex has come up with one of the most unique concepts for watches in India, specially designed for the lovers of the universe and the admirers of the stars.

Have a look and get astonished by the day and night difference, the beauty of crystals and the pure elegance of these watches:-


  • Leather-Strap
  • Designed-with-Swarovski-Crystals
  • INDIGLO-Light-Up-Watch-Dial
  • Water-Resistant-to-30-Meters
  • Mineral glass lens

Shop your Celestial Opulence from the Timex India website and make a statement wherever you go. These watches go well with all types of attires and can be donned on both formal and casual events.