Rolex Service Center: Live For Greatness With Us 

Customer service is a very important feature followed by a successful purchase of anything: a mobile phone, watch, clothes, etc. With this guide about the Rolex service center (ศูนย์ ซ่อม Rolex, which is the term in Thai), customer service is given a lot of importance. 

Features And Perks Of Customer Services 

  • Brand Awareness

A positive experience of a customer results in word-of-mouth advertising. With a brand awareness strategy for gaining loyalty among the customers, sustainable and authentic growth is seen as a successful result in the future. 

  • Happy Customers, A Happier Reputation 

A high growth rate has always been a result of a good reputation in the market, which helps in making a successful long way of any business. A pragmatic increase in reputation helps in the attraction of employees, investors, customers, and partnerships. And therefore, an effective way for the attainment of sustainable growth of a company is through word-of-mouth. 

  • Increased Generation Of Revenue And Retention Of Customers

Prioritizing customer service aids in substantially increasing the revenue an organization earns from the sale of products. After knowing the secret to not just attract but retain customers, one can set up a solid foundation for his/her organization. 

Services Rendered By The ROLEX Service Center  

  • Guarantee Of Durability 

With a design deemed to last for a long time, a Rolex watch, after manufacturing, aims to focus on the quality of every piece manufactured, about its manufacturing and development, to provide an appreciative period to work.  

  • Service Warranty 

After the successful completion of the service, the Rolex service center provides a two-year guarantee for service, which excludes deterioration and damages resulting from accidents or improper use. The service warranty is void with an intervention by any third party without permission taken in advance from Rolex Company. 

  • Ngg Time Piece

At NGG Times, you can see many skilled watchmakers who help Rolex provide service to ensure that each watch meets the perfect aesthetic and functional specifications.  


Servicing of watches is designed to ensure that a Rolex maintains its beauty. Each step is practiced with extensive caution and care. The watchband and case are refurbished to restore the original shine of the Rolex watch and test the timing and ability of water resistance to guarantee a reliable experience with quality.